World Environment Day

Project Date: 9/06/2024

On the occasion of World Environment Day, the Rotary Club of Grand Baie and ,the rotaract of Triolet took the initiative to beautify the post office garden. This wonderful project is a testament to their dedication to environmental sustainability and community enhancement. The garden’s transformation is not just a visual improvement but also a symbol of the collective effort and commitment to preserving our natural surroundings.

A big bravo to all the team members who dedicated their time, energy, and resources to make this project a success.  The hard work and collaboration have not only beautified a community space but have also inspired others to take action for our environment.  The efforts have created a serene and welcoming space for everyone to enjoy, fostering a sense of pride and connection within the community.

In addition to this environmental effort, the Rotary Club of Grand Baie  has taken significant steps to address another pressing issue in our community: the proper disposal and recycling of methadone bottles. Recognizing the importance of maintaining both environmental health and public safety, the Rotary Club organized a clean-up drive and implemented a recycling program for methadone bottles. They generously donated a recycling bin specifically for these plastic bottles, ensuring that they are disposed of responsibly and recycled efficiently.

We encourage individuals who are taking methadone as part of their treatment to utilize these recycling bins. By doing so, you are not only contributing to a cleaner environment but also supporting the community’s efforts to manage waste effectively and sustainably. It’s essential to support one another and promote understanding and compassion, especially for those on their recovery journey.

Thank you to each and every person involved for your invaluable contributions and for setting a shining example of what we can achieve when we work together towards a common goal. Let this project be a stepping stone to many more initiatives that promote environmental awareness, health, and community spirit. Together, we can create a greener, healthier, and more beautiful world.