The Sin Fat Sanitation Project

The Sin Fat Sanitation Project

“Sin Fat, a “quartier” of the village of GrandGaube, is made up of about 130 households, around 350 adults aged 18 or over, some 40 adolescents and around 120 children under the age of 11.

It is a closely-knit community. The people living there are hard working and the “quartier” is remarkably spared many of the evils plaguing other vulnerable communities today. It is underprivileged in the areas of education, sanitation and several other vital aspects of modern life.

Problem: It was found that some 18families in Sin Fat had very rudimentary or absolutely no toilet facilities. Of these, somewere able to use the amenities of relatives living nearby, but others, in fact, had no other possibility than to use « mother nature ».

Project: Provide toilets for 18 families in Sin Fat who do not have such facilitiesresulting in improvedsanitation and security for the families

Starting date: 1 October 2014

Duration of Project: Approx. 8 months


Total Budgeted Project Cost:
Rs 1,600,000

Name of Institutions/participating Club if any, financing the project including the Rotary Club of Grand Baie:

Rotary Club of Grand Baie: Rs 400,000

CSR Financing to be raised: Rs 1,200,000