Place Du Rotary – Planting

Date: 02.09.2023

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🌿 Rotary Club Grand Baie in Action! 🌺

A beautiful day of service as the Rotary Club of Grand Baie rolled up their sleeves for a community clean-up and flower planting event at Place du Rotary! 🌱💐 Rotarians in action, making a lasting impact on our surroundings.

🧤 Cleaning & Greening:

Members of the Rotary Club Grand Baie came together today to clean and beautify our beloved Place du Rotary. With gloves on and hearts full of dedication, they transformed the space into a more vibrant and welcoming environment.

🌼 Blooms of Positivity:

The planting of flowers isn’t just about aesthetics—it’s about cultivating a sense of pride and joy within our community. Every petal planted represents a commitment to a brighter, greener future for us all.

👏 A Big Thank You:

Hats off to the Rotarians who contributed their time and effort to make this initiative a success! Your commitment to service is truly inspiring, and the positive impact on our community is immeasurable.

📸 Check out these snapshots of Rotarians in Action!

Let’s continue to spread the spirit of service and make our community even better together. 🌍💙

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