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Very Dear New President

My hearty congratulations to you and the members of your board this evening. It is indeed a special evening for you in your life. It is special in the sense you are receiving the Presidential Collar of Rotary club that your predecessors, past presidents had worn and adorned in the past. Those past presidents have set their foot, left their remarkable service towards our Rotary and those are the legacies you are inheriting this evening. May I call upon you and your team to turn back and see the hard work that your Past Presidents had left in your club area and cherish the same so as to follow, improve, develop and increase the number of community projects that the Rotary International has been emphasizing throughout our Rotary life.

I am very sure that this Presidential Collar you are receiving is not just by coincidence. It is a result of your hard work towards Rotary goals; your sacrifice; your personal life for the sake of community; your leadership qualities and many others. The Rotary has identified you as a good leader to lead the club and this is a great occasion I must share with you that you make the most of this occasion and prove your leadership for the future Presidents and other Rotarians to recognize your hard-work. Be an exemplary leader at all times. It was during the President Elect Training Seminars; District Conferences and other Rotary events I have met you and I am happy to have met you and your team. Rotary International and I have good reliance on you to be part of the Rotary family in that you continue, increase your hard-work. By this time, you would have familiarized yourself well with the expectations that Rotary International is looking forward from you as a Club President. I am sure you would have identified immediate needs of the society that you are in now and the needs of less fortunate in and around your community and you must act swiftly to cater those needs in terms of executing as club projects. You would need to connect yourself with others at all times to execute the projects in your community. It is not necessary that you execute projects only in your community but be part of joint projects by helping Presidents in other clubs inside and outside your District. This is how We, Rotarians differ from others and connect ourselves.

All of you would need at this time is your continued inspiration for the sake of connecting the world. In this modern era, Rotary International has not spared itself from being innovative and to adopt latest technologies. One such technology we are blessed with is “MY ROTARY”. This MY ROTARY is the best tool I have ever come across and let us all utilize the same to the core. As I shared amongst many Rotarians during the Madagascar Conference on 4th May 2019 I wish to emphasize the “Inspirational Connections” amongst ourselves; amongst all other Rotarians around the world.

I send this congratulatory message from Hamburg Convention Hall “Messe” during 3 – 5 June. During my forthcoming club visit I shall share with you all the values of Rotary, Rotaract and Interact that have been widely discussed amongst thousands of Rotarians.

District Governor Rajasundaram
District 9220 (Rotary Year 2019-20)